Vera Sidika: I pay ksh. 40,000 salary to my 2 househelps each -

Vera Sidika: I pay ksh. 40,000 salary to my 2 househelps each

Recently, the well-known socialite Vera Sidika was asked about her household staff during an Instagram Q&A with fans. The 33-year-old entrepreneur, who welcomed her first child last year, admitted to having two nannies working at her Nairobi home. In her response, she stated that she prefers hiring nannies who are over 40 years old as they are the best, and that she pays them over KSh 40k.

When asked about her future plans, Vera revealed that she hopes to take her daughter, Asia Brown, to Disneyland next year. The socialite, who aspires to have five children with her partner, Brown Mauzo, also shared that her favorite country is America, mentioning various states that she loves for their different amenities.

During the Q&A session, a fan also asked if Vera had ever tasted mutura, to which she replied that she had never tried it. The socialite recently released a new song, however, it has become the most disliked song on YouTube in Kenya, with over 11k dislikes.

Vera has been sharing updates on her daughter’s life and her bond with her grandpa. She recently posted videos of her father teaching Asia how to walk and showed the unbreakable bond between Asia and her grandpa. She also shared a video of her daughter refusing to leave her grandpa, causing her to almost cry. The socialite captioned the video, “After a few days with her grandpa Asia refuses to leave. She has refused to go and wants to stay with her grandpa.”