“Usimpe Justina Syokau mimba” – Kenyans Tell Samidoh After The Two Were Spotted Hanging Out.

A photo of Benga Musician, Samidoh Muchoki in company of Justina Syokau has got Kenyans talking with some going an extra mile of making fun of the duo.

In the photo doing rounds on social media, Samidoh and Syokau are seen hanging out at undisclosed location all smiles from what seems like an in depth conversation.

Kenyans reacting to the photo have cautioned Samidoh against paging Syokau saying that it will only bring him bad luck.

Some went on further to add that if the two have started hanging out, then this is the beginning of the fall of Samidoh.

Syokau has in recent times faced backlash from Kenyans for allegedly conning them their hard earned money in pretense of being sick.

She had earlier shared a till number so as her fans could help her offset an alleged hospital bill but while some wished her well and came through, a number of her fans blasted her for turning into an online begger.

Samidoh also has not been left behind seeing that he also has his fare side of controversies.

The ‘Ndiri Mutwe Mwega‘ singer earlier this year made news headlines after he got city lawyer cum politician, Karen Nyamu pregnant.

The drama as you all by now know how it unfolded died as quick as it started with Samidoh issuing a public apology to his fans.