US Government Responds to Ruto’s Request, Declares What it Will Do During the August 9th Elections

The United States government has answered to Kenya’s Deputy president, Dr William Ruto’s Request with respect to the forthcoming general elections scheduled for the ninth day of August 2022.

Talking during an open discussion meeting at the imminent Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, decisively positioned at the heart of the city of Washington , the Deputy president dropped a request to the US government to play a key oversight job in the August general elections in a mission to guarantee that democracy and rule of law is kept to the letter during the election.

In its reaction, the United States government made a declaration that it will lead at the very front in ensuring that it will lead at the forefront in ensuring that democracy and Justice prevails during and after the general elections. The government dispensed any fears that could have culminated amongst the Kenyans regarding the forthcoming general elections, stating that it will ensure that the elections are conducted in a free and fair manner.