“Unakaa Mama Moraa” Dj Shiti Hits At King Tizian For Using Filters to Look Cute

During the tumultuous period surrounding the untimely passing of Brian Chiras, Tizian Savage found himself thrust into the spotlight, not only as a close friend of Chiras but also as a trendsetter amidst the swirling news cycles.

Amidst the somber atmosphere, the public glimpsed a raw and unfiltered version of Tizian, which sparked a frenzy of opinions across social media platforms. Many netizens remarked on the perceived disparity between Tizian’s filtered and unfiltered appearance, with some asserting that he maintained his charm even without digital enhancements.

A particular video featuring Brian Chira proclaiming 2024 as his year garnered attention, with Tizian notably adorned in filters that accentuated his features, albeit in a manner that some construed as feminizing. This digital transformation ignited a flurry of reactions online, ranging from amusement to critique.

Among the myriad of comments, DJ Shiti’s remark stood out for its audacity, likening Tizian Savage to “Mama Moraa” in a playful yet cutting jab. Such comments, while lighthearted in nature, underscore the scrutiny individuals face in the digital age, where appearances can be easily manipulated and subject to public scrutiny.

Nevertheless, the prevalence of filters in photography and digital art serves a purpose beyond mere aesthetics. They afford individuals the freedom to craft their desired image, fostering a sense of empowerment and confidence in self-expression.

In essence, while the dichotomy between Tizian’s filtered and unfiltered appearances may provoke discussion, it ultimately highlights the evolving landscape of digital media and its impact on perception and self-image.