“Unahitaji Mtu, Chuma Ina Nguvu” Justina Syokau Rules Out Using S3x Toys, Being Fingered

Justina Syokau has been explicit about her stance on abstaining from the use of sexual aids, despite her single status.

The provocative gospel artist, who has maintained a celibate way of life since 2013, advocates for women to refrain from using sex toys.

The singer, renowned for her hit track “Twendi Twendi,” was once married in 2012, but her marriage dissolved in 2013. Following the collapse of her marriage, she has chosen to embrace celibacy.

In a recent interview, Syokau voiced her belief that women should seek genuine intimacy with a partner who can provide them with authentic satisfaction.

“You need a real person; there’s power in human touch. Heat is generated by human interaction, not these things people use out there. That’s not in line with God’s plan,” she expressed.

Syokau also made pointed remarks about the LGBTQ+ community, cautioning gay individuals that they may eventually face health problems related to their choice of lifestyle.

“I can’t fathom a scenario where a man would want to take on my role. Let us stick to our respective roles. Leave us to do what we do, and you do your thing. But by engaging in that, you’re damaging yourself. You know, men who engage in such activities don’t realize the consequences. You may enjoy it now, but eventually, you might find yourself needing diapers,” Syokau remarked.

She continued by emphasizing her view that individuals are physically designed a certain way, based on her religious beliefs. She argued that certain body parts have specific purposes, and deviating from these purposes goes against divine intentions.

“People alter their bodies, and it’s because God didn’t create that path for that purpose. It was designed for waste disposal, not for that purpose. God created a man and a woman to come together in a particular way, not the way you see in such practices,” she concluded.