Ugandan shamba boy accused of killing his employer in Kirinyaga escapes from police station

A dramatic turn of events unfolded at Kiamaciri Police Station in Mwea-West, Kirinyaga County, when the family of Rose Muthoni Kariuki, 64, learned that the suspect allegedly responsible for her murder, a Ugandan farmhand, had escaped custody.

Caroline Wangui, the deceased’s daughter, led the family’s disbelief upon hearing from officers that the farmhand had somehow evaded confinement under unclear circumstances.

The family’s uproar ensued at Kiamaciri Police Station following the revelation by the Officer in Charge (OCS) about the escape of the murder suspect, who had been apprehended in his native Uganda after detectives traced his mobile phone signal, subsequently transporting him to Kirinyaga where the crime occurred.

Initially detained for 14 days as per a court order, the suspect mysteriously vanished from the police station, prompting Esther Wamuyu, a relative, to question the security protocols allowing such an escape.

Investigations into the matter have been initiated, with Kirinyaga County’s Investigating Officer (CIC) Jason Mworia, albeit currently off duty due to personal reasons, stating that two on-duty officers have been detained to aid the inquiry.

The gruesome nature of the murder was revealed through preliminary findings, indicating that Rose Muthoni Kariuki was strangled to death, her lifeless body discovered within her home, exhibiting signs of trauma including blood emanating from her mouth and nose, along with evident neck injuries.

Living alone at the time of her demise, the victim’s children were employed elsewhere, adding to the tragedy of her solitary existence.