Ugali Mrenda in Washinton DC ,kenyan making a kill from organic vegetables in USA -

Ugali Mrenda in Washinton DC ,kenyan making a kill from organic vegetables in USA

David Kizito’s Journey to Organic Farming in the US

David Kizito’s journey to the United States in 2000 was driven by the desire for better opportunities. Originally from Kenya, Kizito was a teacher but found it difficult to make ends meet with a monthly income of just KSh 3,500.

Upon settling in Seattle, Kizito noticed a shortage of organic vegetables in the market and saw an opportunity to fill that gap. He joined forces with other Kenyans to form a group called Wakulima USA, which allowed them to acquire land for farming.

As a result, Kizito now owns a quarter-acre farm where he grows a variety of organic vegetables and cereals, including kales, sunflowers, maize, and the African nightshade known as “managu.” The group sources manure from remote areas and uses it to nourish their crops, resulting in produce of superior quality compared to processed foods.

Most of Kizito’s customers are Kenyans living in the US, and he proudly earns over $100 in an hour by selling bunches of organic kales at KSh 300 each.

With the debate over the safety of genetically modified foods heating up in the US, Kizito and other US-based Kenyans are taking a stand against GMOs. A recent social media post showed the contrast between organic and GMO food shelves, with the organic shelves remaining empty while the GMO shelves were fully stocked. This serves as a testament to the growing demand for high-quality, organic produce.

In conclusion, David Kizito’s journey to the US has been a rewarding one. Through hard work and determination, he has transformed from a struggling teacher to a successful organic farmer, filling a gap in the market and providing a valuable service to the Kenyan community.