Type 2 Diabetes: How I Managed To Survive After Years Of Suffering.

In the late 2002, I Stephen a native of Kakamega in Western Kenya, I was typically, healthy, in my 20-something years.

But by the time I reached my early 25’s, my health started to change. I was gaining weight consistently, I was always tired, and I was always thirsty, these were clear signs of diabetes.

In fact obesity is one of the largest risk factors for type 2 diabetes, which occurs when your body can no longer produce enough insulin or make use of the insulin it produces, often leading to high blood sugar levels.

Diabetes has become a growing health problem in this current era we live in. I am one of them. I received a type 2 diabetes diagnosis from my doctors in early stages of my condition, and I immediately began diabetes treatment.

However my initial attempts to control my blood sugar proved to be relatively unsuccessful.

For the first few years I took my pills and went about my life, but as time went on, my weight began to increase, and my diabetes became more out of control. What I didn’t realize is that diabetes cannot be managed with medication alone.

To keep blood sugar levels under control, people with diabetes need to follow healthy diet, live an active life style, and reach or maintain a healthy weight.

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I was given more pills and insulin and the amount of insulin needed increased over the years.

In November 2017, insulin was no longer effective and my weight continued to go up. My diabetes diagnosis seemed to be fruitless, because I visited various hospitals to try and control my diabetic condition with no change.

At one point I got a transfer from Kakamega to the Kenyatta national hospital in Nairobi for further treatment. At that particular moment my condition had worsened.

I almost lost my life. At the Kenyatta national hospital the doctors only managed to control it little bit, but they never managed to treat it.

There were pilling hospital bills, something that made it hard for my family to raise all the capital needed at the hospital.

Most of the time I was just neglected by the doctors since none of my family members never turned up.

They dint even have that little cash to transport themselves from Kakamega to Nairobi. My diabetes diagnosis and the struggle to control my blood sugar were completely surprising.

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Like many people with the condition, I had a family history with diabetes condition; I lost my mother to complication of type 2 diabetes about 10 years ago.

So I got to understand that diabetes can lead to serious health complications and increase the risk for many other health issues, including heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, kidney diseases among other damages that I experienced when I was suffering from diabetes for instance I got stroke infection on the left side of my body.

I couldn’t move by myself, most of the time anyone who could attend to me at the hospital, could always help me move.

Turning by the other side on the bed and help me visit the toilet. If no one came to check on me I could not turn myself by the bed side, I could sleep by one side the whole night something that made me feel so tired.

Secondly I could pee in clothes since I couldn’t move to the toilet. It was such a painful experience in my life that I don’t wish to recall in this moment in time.

After all the stay in the hospital with no change, my family came to an agreement to discharge me from the hospital since they could not manage the rising hospital bills, while at home things were not easy, until when a longtime friend visited to check on me.

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He talked to my dad about kiwanga doctors who he had learned about from his friend who had been treated by Doctor kiwanga.

My dad did contact them without delay, booked an appointment with the doctor. The following day I met Doctor kiwanga; I was treated with herbal medication and discharged thereafter.

Two days after I had received the treatment I was back in my condition feeling much health and strong. Thanks to kiwanga doctors.

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