Twitter Erupts Over former Senator Omanga’s Indecent Dress

Former Senator Millicent Omanga has caused controversy on Twitter over her attire at a private party. Photos from the event show the senator dressed in white, with a thigh-high slit in her dress, which has caused outrage among social media users. Journalist Abuga Makori led the charge by calling out the senator for violating the customs of the Abagusii tribe.

Twitter users have expressed their opinions, with some supporting Makori’s sentiments and others coming to Omanga’s defense. The debate has sparked a larger conversation about women’s rights and cultural traditions. One Twitter user asked if Omanga was grooming an underage high school girl, while another declared her as the “finest pure honey well-branded to meet the market (occasion) needs.” Another Twitter user defended Omanga’s dress code by stating, “You should be the one to change, not her. Let women be.”

The uproar over Omanga’s attire has taken the Twitter community by storm, and it’s clear that this fashion faux pas has sparked a wider conversation about women’s rights and cultural traditions. Regardless of one’s stance, it is evident that this issue has caused a stir on social media.