Tv girl, Muthoni Mukiri reveals cost of her ‘Gold’ wedding ring

On the 20th of November, 2021, Muthoni Mukiri, a former Inooro TV presenter, and her longtime partner Isaac Njoroge joyfully celebrated their union in a private ceremony hosted at the prestigious Windsor Country Club.

Their exclusive wedding was a gathering of 150 cherished friends and close-knit family members, providing an intimate and heartfelt setting.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Muthoni Mukiri candidly shared details about her wedding day, debunking any misconceptions about its opulence while shedding light on the expenses involved in creating such a special memory.

“Although some might say our wedding was grand, it truly wasn’t. I have a particular taste, and the cost was not as extravagant as some may imagine. We had diligently saved for this moment over an extended period. It was a shared dream, and sometimes, investing in the things you love is more than worthwhile. I can genuinely attest that my wedding was the most beautiful I’ve ever experienced. It exceeded my wildest dreams, and I knew precisely what I desired. I wish I could relive that day again and again. We often fondly reminisce about that perfect day,” Muthoni Mukiri explained.

Discussing her wedding ring, Muthoni revealed that it had a price tag of approximately Ksh 150,000, equivalent to about $1,000. She emphasized her deep appreciation for quality and enduring craftsmanship, expressing her sentiment:

“I have an affinity for shiny, exquisite things, and I diligently work hard to acquire them. The wedding ring represented a significant investment since it’s designed to be worn for a lifetime. You don’t purchase something that will quickly lose its luster. While people may change over time, I hold a deep affection for my wedding ring.”

Muthoni Mukiri also shared her approach to sharing her personal life, especially her husband, on social media. She clarified that they do not consider themselves a “celebrity couple” and that she introduces her husband to the online world on special occasions.

“I introduced my husband to my online community, and he remains a private individual. I refrain from frequently posting about him, except during specific moments such as his initial introduction, our traditional wedding, and our wedding day. I share about him when there’s a particular reason to do so. We are not a celebrity couple,” she emphasized.

Muthoni Mukiri also delved into the challenges that celebrity couples often confront, suggesting that the erosion of one’s individuality can contribute to high-profile breakups.

“Those are famous individuals, and their experiences mirror what transpires in relationships across the board. I believe that one of the reasons couples part ways, especially when one partner doesn’t allow the other to be their authentic self, is stifling,” she observed.

Currently, Muthoni Mukiri is gearing up for the launch of her inaugural book, “Becoming The Woman,” scheduled for Thursday, November 2nd, at the Sankara Hotel. This event marks a significant milestone in Muthoni’s journey of empowerment and inspiration.