“Tunatumia 30K kila siku”: Diana Marua’s house-help reveal their daily expenditure -

“Tunatumia 30K kila siku”: Diana Marua’s house-help reveal their daily expenditure

The digital sphere is buzzing with rumors and exclamations as Thee Pluto, the current sensation of the Kenyan internet, finds himself embroiled in a storm of scandalous allegations, suggesting his involvement in a series of extramarital affairs. Surprisingly, he has called upon his legal team to protect him from this raging tempest.

Thee Pluto has provided a glimpse into his defense strategy through a recent Instagram post. In this post, the digital icon presents a legal document directed at a rising Instagram starlet named Njambi, who stands accused of spreading false claims about Thee Pluto.

The document, expertly crafted by the legal professionals at GM Law Advocates, emanates a resolute atmosphere.

The notice commences with a solemn reference to their client, Robert Ndegwa Kamau, widely known in online circles as “Thee Pluto.” It accuses Njambi, the owner of the influential Instagram account “NjambiFever,” boasting over 40,000 dedicated followers and access to countless others, of audaciously disseminating misleading content about their client.

These conversations insinuate a secret rendezvous involving Thee Pluto at an opulent Airbnb property in Mombasa. The allegations include scandalous incidents, wild parties, and an alleged attempt to silence a witness through a financial settlement. The lawyers vehemently argue that these accusations are unfounded and merely aim to portray Thee Pluto as morally compromised, reckless, and unfaithful.

According to their assertions, these allegations have caused significant emotional distress and irreparable harm to their client’s reputation, eroding the trust and respect he once enjoyed from both his inner circle and the public. With a following consisting of devoted fans and passionate admirers, the advocates contend that the defamatory content has dealt a severe blow to his reputation.

The notice concludes with a firm demand for Njambi to acknowledge her wrongdoing within three days, disclose the identity of her anonymous informant, issue a public retraction of her allegations, and propose a reasonable amount of compensation for the damage caused to Thee Pluto’s character.

The legal team ends their missive with a stern warning that failure to comply with their demands may result in severe legal action against Njambi. As the digital realm eagerly awaits her response, one thing is certain – the virtual world never sleeps, and every action carries consequences.