Truck Carrying LPG Tank Explodes Near Fedha Estate in Nairobi

In Nairobi County, near Fedha Estate, a distressing event unfolded as a truck transporting a liquefied petroleum gas tank ignited into flames. The intensity of the blaze caused the fuel truck to explode close to a nearby bus station, casting thick plumes of smoke over the vicinity around midday. The gravity of the situation necessitated the evacuation of some residents from the area, while emergency responders swiftly mobilized to the scene to address the unfolding crisis.

Amidst the chaos, authorities urged the inhabitants nearby to vacate the premises promptly to ensure their safety. Despite the swift response, the precise cause of the incident remains elusive, leaving uncertainty lingering in its aftermath. Concerns for the well-being of the truck driver compounded the situation, with police yet to confirm the individual’s status.

Adamson Bungei, the Nairobi police chief, emphasized the paramount importance of securing the affected area, prioritizing the safety of the populace. Efforts to mitigate the impact of the incident extended to managing the resultant traffic congestion, with drivers advised to seek alternative routes to avoid exacerbating the situation.

Eyewitness accounts, captured through photos and videos, documented the harrowing scene as thick smoke shrouded the truck and its surroundings. The unsettling event resonates with a recent memory, as it follows in the wake of a gas explosion in the Embakasi area months prior. That tragic incident, occurring at a gas filling company, claimed multiple lives and inflicted numerous injuries, serving as a stark reminder of the potential dangers associated with such volatile materials.