Top 5 Kikuyu Female Presenters 2021.

With the new dawn of vernacular TV stations, Mt Kenya tops the list with most vernacular TV stations in the country according to a recent survey by GEMA Productions.

The region has embraced all its presenters a move that has seen the TV queens grow their respective brand.

Here is a list of top 5 Kikuyu Presenters year 2021.

1. Winrose Wangui (Inooro TV).

This talented lady knows how to balance between work and personal space.

Wangui is also a new mum after giving birth earlier this month.

2. Nungari Wa Kamau (Kameme TV).

Talking of beauty and class, Nungari has it all.

Her ability to keep the audience alive and the high command of Kikuyu langue has won her the Ultimate Queen of Kikuyu Journalists.

3. Hellen Muthoni (Inooro TV).

Soft heart and full of good vibes on TV, Hellen has managed to stay on top of her game.

4. Nyoxx Wa Katta (Inooro TV/FM).

Without saying much, you know that she is the undisputed queen of Mugithi.

She has managed to stay in the industry given by her feel good vibes all through her shows.

5. Wangechi Wa Kariuki ( Kameme TV).

Combining beauty and elegance, Wangechi is the queen.

Her ability to know what the audience want to see and hear has made rise among her competitors.She is the boss of Fetchi Organics.