Tizian: The Highest Amount I Have Made on A Single Tiktok Live is 400K and The Lowest is 80K.

The Nakuru Bodaboda rider, affectionately known as King Tizian, has captured the attention of the online community, particularly on TikTok, due to his endearing persona. Recently, he made a significant decision to reveal how he has been earning a substantial income from TikTok live sessions.

During an interview with presenter Kai, Tizian expressed how TikTok has transformed his life. Since achieving viral fame on the platform, he made the choice to leave his Bodaboda occupation and focus on generating greater earnings through TikTok live broadcasts.

Tizian divulged that he boasts a large number of enthusiastic gifters and currently holds the title of the most generously gifted celebrity in Kenya. Relying solely on TikTok, Tizian ensures his financial obligations are met. Remarkably, he disclosed that the lowest amount he has ever earned from a brief TikTok live session was Ksh.80,000, an impressive sum for such a short time.

In contrast, Tizian’s highest earnings from a single TikTok live session amounted to an astounding Ksh.400,000. Consistently reaping substantial profits from his live streams, Tizian feels grateful for his supportive team and the unwavering generosity of his gifters.

Tizian now aspires to establish himself as a prominent figure in Kenya, aiming to become a renowned brand. Within a remarkably brief period of less than six months, he has already garnered a significant following and stands as one of the most influential TikTokers in the country.