Tiktoker Kinuthia: ‘My Nyash Has Made Me Rich’Acheni Wivu

Cross-dresser and content creator Kelvin Kinuthia recently expressed pride in his “Nyash,” asserting that it has been a significant source of financial success for him. During an interview on Mpasho’s quickfire segment, when asked about his favorite part of his body, Kinuthia responded by saying, “I believe I cherish my Nyash the most because it has not only earned me recognition but also generated income.”

Kinuthia, known for donning elaborate makeup, long nails, wigs, and high heels, utilizes Instagram as a platform to showcase the female attire he embraces. He remains committed to cross-dressing, emphasizing his love for the female persona. Addressing inquiries about his sexuality on social media, Kinuthia explained, “The reason I wear dresses, apply makeup, and so on is to maintain this character. It is what defines my public image.”

During a conversation with Massawe Japanni, Kinuthia highlighted that his family understands the dynamics of social media and recognizes his involvement as a business endeavor. He clarified, “Most of the clothing I wear is just a form of marketing.” On his social media profiles, Kinuthia proudly displays both the Kenyan flag and the LGBTQ flag, asserting that supporting the community is a positive endeavor.

Discussing his sexuality, Kinuthia stated, “It is not an issue, but I am not comfortable discussing it openly yet. I am at ease, not under pressure. There is a tendency for assumptions when people see you frequently interacting with someone; they assume you are in a relationship.” He added that he disregards negative comments and actively blocks haters on his social media platforms.

TikTok sensation Kinuthia revealed that he regularly receives romantic advances from both male and female celebrities via direct messages (DMs). Despite appreciating the attention, he clarified that he is not actively seeking a serious relationship at the moment. Kinuthia, recognized for his feminine attire and grooming, shared that while some celebrities send inappropriate messages, he refrains from exposing them due to their respectful approach.

Acknowledging the respect shown by these celebrities, Kinuthia admitted that they even send explicit photos. However, he cautioned that if his mood takes a negative turn, he might consider exposing them. In the past, Kinuthia urged women to restrain their partners from sending him messages, emphasizing the influx of such interactions.

In a prior interview with Nicholus Kioko, Kinuthia outlined his preference for a wealthy partner, stating, “All I want is someone who has money. I am not interested in someone seeking financial assistance now; their time has passed.” When asked about his dating preferences, Kinuthia asserted his openness to dating anyone, highlighting the unexpected nature of this revelation in his life.