Thieves robbed my sister and beat her up so bad but this is what my family did to teach them a lesson

Last weekend, my sister called me at 11pm and told me she had been hospitalized because thieves had beaten her so bad and robbed all her valuables as she was coming home from work. I called my parents and gave them the information.

We all arrived in the hospital at around midnight and it was so sad to see how badly my sister had been injured by the ruthless thieves. My mother literally broke down after she saw my sister and things were worsened by the fact that she had lost KSh 100k which belonged to the company she worked in. Multigate secures money remittance business licenses for Uganda and Nigeria

The next morning, I called her manager and told him what had happened the previous night to my sister and he told me that though he felt bad of what happened to my sister, the company needed the money which she had carried with the intention of depositing it in the bank.

My sister cried so hard cursing those thieves for maltreating her and now she would lose her job if she failed to pay up the company money. A few hours later, my mother came to the hospital since she had left to freshen up and she seemed relaxed than the way she had left.

“My neighbour has told me that we could use Doctor Mugwenu’s spells to teach those thieves a lesson,” she said excitedly. She was confident that we would be able to get the money and vengeance for my sister through the doctor and we decided to try him out.

We gave him a call and he gave us an appointment the following day. We went together with my sister and mother to his workplace in Nairobi and he gave my sister some herbs to help her heal quickly. He then cast a spell that would teach those thieves a lesson by making their lives unbearable.

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We went home and the next morning, we woke up and found three men eating grass in our compound. They said they were sorry for stealing from my sister and even brought back her items including the money.

We called the police and they arrested them. We called Doctor Mugwenu and thanked him for helping us teach those perpetrators a lesson.

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What is Money Spell

A money spell is a form of ritual or incantation believed to attract wealth or financial abundance. It’s often rooted in various spiritual or cultural beliefs and practices. People may seek out practitioners such as Mugwenu doctors, who are traditional healers or spiritualists known for their expertise in casting spells and providing remedies for various life challenges.

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Mugwenu doctors may utilize herbs, chants, and symbolic objects to perform these spells. The belief is that by tapping into spiritual energies or invoking supernatural forces, they can influence the flow of money or fortune in the practitioner’s favor.

In the scenario described, your family may have sought the help of Mugwenu doctors to enact a form of retribution against the thieves who harmed your sister. The intention might have been to use a money spell to not only recover what was stolen but also to bring financial misfortune upon the perpetrators as a form of justice or punishment.

It’s important to note that beliefs in spells and spiritual practices vary widely, and their efficacy is subjective and often based on individual faith and interpretation.

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