Thee Pluto‘s Wife Felicity Shiru Finally Opens Up On Doing DNA Test.

Felicity Shiru, girlfriend of the musician Thee Pluto, has recently addressed the persistent rumors surrounding the paternity of their daughter, Zoey, by revealing their stance on undergoing a DNA test. Amid mounting pressure from fans urging them to address the issue publicly, Felicity decided to shed light on the matter.

The controversy was sparked by Andrew Kibe, who alleged that Felicity had been unfaithful to Thee Pluto and offered a substantial sum of money, Ksh.134,000, for them to undergo a DNA test and disclose the results.

However, Thee Pluto firmly declined Kibe’s offer, expressing unwavering confidence in Zoey’s paternity. In a subsequent interview, Felicity echoed his sentiments, emphasizing the trust and transparency in their relationship.

Describing their bond as that of best friends deeply in love, Felicity affirmed that they have never harbored doubts about Zoey’s parentage and have never considered undergoing a DNA test. She attributed the rumors circulating on social media to malicious individuals intent on undermining their relationship.

Asserting their autonomy from social media influence, Felicity emphasized that their love remains steadfast despite the negativity perpetuated by detractors. She dismissed the notion of undergoing a DNA test as nothing more than baseless speculation, reiterating their shared certainty about Zoey’s paternity.

Thee Pluto, likewise, has shown no inclination towards pursuing a DNA test, content in his role as a devoted father and partner. His actions speak volumes, demonstrating his unwavering commitment and affection towards his family.