“The Rich Also Cry!! My Lawfully Wedded Wife Has Been Seeing Men Outside Our Marriage Despite Me Giving Her Everything A Woman Requires From A Man” Runda Man In Premium Tears

I’m baffled by the society we are living in. This is not me complaining about the current decade
we are but this is me not pleased by the unethical creatures that we associate with in the so
called society we are living in. I’m Kinyanjui from Runda Kiambu County. I’m aged 42 years of
age. I used to believe that when you have money there’s no Woman whom you would want and
fail to clinch. It’s widely believed that with money everything is possible that’s why I pushed
myself hard in my youthful days to get the wealth I now own.
In my teenage years I never spent my time chasing girls but instead I spent chasing money and
gladly I was able to start my businesses that made be become as successful as I am. I own two
manufacturing companies and several branches of sores and restaurants. Exactly 8 years ago I
met Juliana whom I got married to and together we have been blessed with one kid by the
name Tamara. I always knew that my wife would never cheat on me since if its money I had
gifted her more than 10 debit cards. I used to fuel money into her account and she never ran
shot of money.
I even decide to make her a house wife since I hated see her come back home from a long day
at work exhausted and stressed about work. I opted to make her relax and take care of our kid.
I had no idea that she was seeing other men behind my back until when I caught her red-
handed with a man in an Airbnb in Kahawa. I felt like my heart was aching since she was the
woman that I loved and trusted, she was the mother of my child and it never crossed my head
that I would one day divorce her.

I asked her why she was cheating and according to her it was an implanted habit that she had
struggled to beat but never managed. I had to take her to Dr Mugwenu a traditional herbalist
from Vihiga who had special Powerful Cleansing Rituals. After an appointment with the Dr
Mugwenu Juliana admitted that hse had noted change after Dr Mugwenu perfimed a Unique
Cleansing Rituals that got rid of her unethical behavior. It’s now been two years and I’m glad I
haven’t seen or had any instincts of Juliana cheating. Thanks to Dr Mugwenu for helping me out
and through his spells my wife only focused on our marriage.

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