The Incredible Mombasa Orphan Who Rose from The Streets to Parliament

Aziz, not his real name, has a remarkable story of how he rose from the streets of Mombasa to the halls of parliament, thanks to the help of Mugwenu Doctors, who gave him the Genies Spells Power of Subconscious Mind.

Aziz was born in Bamburi, a poor suburb of Mombasa, to railway workers who died in a ferry accident when he was only five years old. He was taken in by his uncle, who also passed away soon after. His aunt, who was abusive and cruel, took over his care, but he ran away from home and became a street boy.

He survived by doing odd jobs, such as carrying luggage, entertaining tourists, and sometimes engaging in criminal activities just like his fellow street urchins. He even got addicted to drugs at some point. He moved from Mombasa to Lamu, where he worked as a beach boy for a while.

His life changed when a kind-hearted mzungu woman took him to her children’s home and sponsored his education. He excelled in his studies and graduated with a diploma in public health. He hoped to find a decent job and a better life, but he was disappointed by the lack of opportunities and the corruption in the system.

He was back to the streets, where he faced discrimination, violence, and poverty. He felt hopeless and desperate until one of his old friends introduced him to Mugwenu Doctors, who are renowned herbalists and spell casters.

What are Genie spells Power of the Subconscious Mind?

Mugwenu Doctors saw the potential in Aziz and decided to help him. They gave him the Genies Spells Power of Subconscious Mind, which are powerful magic spells that can grant any wish. They taught him how to use them to change his reality by changing his thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Aziz followed their instructions and invoked the Genies Spells Power of Subconscious Mind in everything he did. He soon noticed positive changes in his life.

 He got a job in the public health department in Mombasa, where he worked hard and earned respect. 

He also pursued his passion for music and became a popular singer and songwriter. He gained fame and fortune, but he did not forget his roots.

He decided to enter politics in 2013 with the aim of serving his people and fighting for their rights. He faced many challenges and obstacles, but he did not give up. He used the Genies Spells Power of Subconscious Mind to overcome them and to attract support and votes. He lost his first attempt, but he learned from his mistakes and tried again in 2017.

This time, he succeeded and became an MP in one of the constituencies in Coast Kenya. He has been a vocal and effective leader, advocating for equality and youth empowerment. He has also been generous and charitable, helping many people in need.

He credits his success to Mugwenu Doctors, who gave him the Genies Spells Power of Subconscious Mind and showed him the purpose of his life. He says that by tapping into their power, he realised his dreams and his true calling on earth. 

He thanks Mugwenu Doctors for sharing their blessing with him and with many others who are in similar situations.

“I have suffered in the world, but look at me now; you can never know I was the beggar. I thank Mugwenu Doctors for showing me the purpose in my life using their Genies Spells Power of Subconscious Mind. 

By tapping into their power, you realise your dreams and also understand your true calling on earth. Thanks to Mugwenu Doctors for sharing your blessing with the destitute and every other person,” he commented.

He encourages anyone who is facing problems or challenges in their life to contact Mugwenu Doctors and get the Genies Spells Power of Subconscious Mind. He says that they can help anyone achieve anything they want as long as they have faith and determination.

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