Thank You NTV for A Mature Wife!! Peter Salasya Reveals He Wants to Marry NTV Journalist Who Blasted Him for Slapping MCA

Controversial Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya, has sparked controversy once again by publicly declaring his intention to marry Smirti Vidyarthi, an anchor for NTV News. Vidyarthi had recently criticized Salasya for his altercation with an MCA at a funeral.

Rather than reflecting on his actions, Salasya took an unconventional approach. He shared a video of Vidyarthi’s critique on his official Facebook page and announced his desire to marry her.

“I am captivated by this news anchor. Her beauty and maturity are qualities I seek in a partner… She is absolutely perfect. Please, someone provide me with her contact information… Thank you, #NTV, for potentially mentoring my future wife. I am prepared to wed this lovely presenter. Please, tag her for me. I have fallen for her,” Salasya expressed.

Accompanying his proclamation was a video featuring Vidyarthi delivering a scathing editorial commentary, “The Memo,” in which she vehemently condemned Salasya’s behavior at the burial ceremony.

During “The Memo,” Vidyarthi directed her censure at Salasya, denouncing what she saw as immature and foolish conduct. She rebuked leaders who disrupted the ceremony, specifically highlighting Salasya’s actions in slapping an MCA as disgraceful. Vidyarthi concluded with a stern admonition, urging Salasya to mature and act responsibly.

“Mr. Salasya, cease exploiting somber occasions for political gain. Show some empathy. It’s time to grow up. Some might even suggest you mature,” Vidyarthi admonished.