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Tesla leaks ‘Magic Dock’ CCS adapter ahead of opening its Supercharger network

Tesla has potentially revealed its “Magic Dock” CCS adapter in its mobile app, suggesting that the launch of its Supercharger network in North America is imminent. Although the company had previously indicated plans to open its network in North America by the end of last year, it has yet to do so.

This is because Tesla uses its own proprietary connector in the North American market, making it difficult to open its Supercharger network.

However, it seems that the company plans to offer a CCS adapter at its charging stations to support non-Tesla electric vehicles. The update in the mobile app, which includes a larger connector receptacle that matches the description of the Magic Dock, suggests that Tesla is preparing to deploy the adapter at its Supercharger stations in North America.

Furthermore, the listing of “CCS compatibility” at some Supercharger stations, including at Tesla’s Hawthorne Supercharger station in Los Angeles, further supports the imminent launch. It is suggested that users should check their local Supercharger to see if the Tesla Magic Dock has appeared.