Tanzanian Women say they have never seen a Beautiful Kenyan Lady

Two Tanzanian women have sparked controversy on social media by asserting that there are no beautiful women in Kenya. The debate arose in response to a report ranking Kenya’s women as the fourth most beautiful in Africa. According to the report, Ethiopian women clinched the top spot, followed by Nigerians, Tanzanians, Kenyans, and South Africans.

The two Tanzanian women argued vehemently against Kenya’s ranking, contending that Tanzanians deserved the top spot due to the perceived universal beauty of women in Tanzania. One of them remarked, “There are no beautiful women in Kenya. Have you seen any? Maybe it is because I haven’t been to Kenya, but Tanzanians deserved to rank first. All women here in Tanzania are beautiful.”

Their comments triggered a backlash from Kenyans on social media, who accused them of seeking attention by disparaging their Kenyan counterparts. Teddy Gathogo countered their claims, praising Kenyan women for their intelligence, diligence, and attractiveness. Joan, a Tanzanian, also defended Kenyan women, acknowledging their beauty.

In response to the heated exchange, Ruth Rosah suggested that the Tanzanian women should express themselves in English to ensure wider comprehension. Naomy expressed gratitude for the support from Kenyan men, while Maswai Chelagat predicted a brewing conflict.

Despite the backlash, some Kenyan men echoed the sentiments of the Tanzanian women, praising Tanzanian women for their beauty and other admirable qualities. One Kenyan man, who toured Tanzania in January 2024, lauded Tanzanian women for being down-to-earth, resourceful, polite, caring, interesting, patient, and attentive. He also highlighted their trust in strangers, respectfulness, and hospitality in a Reddit post.

Overall, the debate sparked by the Tanzanian women’s comments underscores the subjective nature of beauty and the complexities of intercultural perceptions.