Tahidi High’s Kilunda: How poverty pushed me from Nairobi to rural home -

Tahidi High’s Kilunda: How poverty pushed me from Nairobi to rural home

Tahidi High Kilunda: Former Tahidi High actor Ted Kitana, famously known as Teacher Kilunda, has opened up on how and why he relocated from Nairobi to rural Kenya.

Kilunda says that the sudden loss of income following the folding up of the popular show forced him to relocate to his rural home in a bid to make ends meet. In what seemed like an admission that he had not made savings and investments, Kilunda said that the loss of inome left him staring down at poverty. he became the latest Tahidi actor to admit facing financial struggles.

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Kilunda was among top rated star actors of the weekly local show on Citizen TV for close to a decade and a half.

“I can say it proved to be an abrupt decision by the management because we woke up one morning and our services were not needed,” he said. “So I had to quickly devise ways to survive. The first thing was to relocate to this place (in Kangundo). It took some time to adjust but I have come to love the place. My family is still in Nairobi but the village life is best. Food is fresh, with no pressure. I have no plans of going back to the city unless a job opportunity comes up.”

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He added: “I have a shop. I am planning to open a barbershop and other services that are not available here. I am also available for an acting job as I have not quit the stage. I am open to listening to offers and opportunities.”

Kilunda further said that while he managed to stay afloat, the majority of his colleagues are on the brink of breaking down. “Covid-19 is the worst thing that happened to artists because their main source of income was disrupted. Life has changed but I advise them not to give up. Everyone out there was affected and it is only those that leave their chin up that stand a chance at survival,” he said.