Tahidi High Actress Gloria Moraa: If you find me with Your Man ,Blame Lucy

Gloria Moraa, known by her stage name Anazidi Kuiva and formerly associated with Tahidi High, boldly stated that she would not be taken aback or dismayed if another woman were to discover her with their partner.

In a statement dated November 10, 2023, Ms. Moraa recounted her own tumultuous experiences, emphasizing that other women should undergo similar trials as she did during her early marriage.

Married at the tender age of 19 to a 27-year-old, Ms. Moraa’s first marriage endured for seven years, producing two children. She vividly recalled the distress caused by a woman named Lucy, significantly older than her, who regularly visited her shop and took her husband to undisclosed locations, reducing her to tears. The mere mention of Lucy still brought back memories of the emotional turmoil she endured, surpassing that inflicted by 56 other individuals.

Currently, Ms. Moraa asserted that encountering someone with an unfaithful partner would not faze her; she would simply advise them to “cool down, young girl,” drawing on the lessons she learned from Lucy. This sentiment resonated with her followers, who shared their own experiences with third-party individuals that added complexity to their marriages.

Ms. Moraa’s subsequent marriage to the late rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba spanned seven years but ultimately ended in discord. Following the separation, she took legal action against Mr. Ayimba, seeking child support and accusing him of familial negligence due to infidelity. Her social media accounts became a platform for detailing her struggles with her late husband’s family, who initially denied her recognition as Ayimba’s spouse, leading to her exclusion from his funeral.

Despite the family’s initial resistance, national attention and publicized drama eventually led to Ms. Moraa’s two sons being permitted to attend their father’s funeral, marking the conclusion of this tumultuous chapter in her life.