Students Stranded In Nairobi After Finishing Exams
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Students Stranded In Nairobi After Finishing Exams ‘UHURU PARK’

If travelling to Disease infested regions you were given travel passes. You were supposed to travel in specific vehicles which were issued with travel passes.

Those who never made it on time however were left stranded with nowhere to go,Uhuru park was a perfect example with several student stranded there. They were caught up with the curfew hours in town. All vehicles were not allowed to move due to the Covid-19 regulations.

The Nairobi regional commander instructed nobody was supposed to move whichever their caliber is.parents however are still waiting for their children to arrive home safely. Some have travelled for hours non stop trying to beat the curfew but all this in vain.

They will be compelled to sleep on streets until 4am. This is even after the ministry had guaranteed them of safe travel home.

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