Spanish woman seduced my husband by sending him nudes and almost convinced my husband to dump me

My name is Naomi and I was my married to my husband for 11 years and we had two kids. My husband worked as a hotel manager but above all, I loved him so much. For the 11 years we had been married, we fought a lot but the good thing was that we always solved our problems.

As a hotel manager, my husband met lots of people especially women of all walks of life and this has never actually worried me because my hubby always promised that he loved me and would never cheat on me. I did believe him by the way, and many times when I saw his phone, I found him telling the women that he was married and did not want to cheat.

However, a month ago. There was this hot girl who kept on pestering him to make love to her. She was a Spanish mzungu and was a guest at the hotel where he was working. She was really seducing my man to sleep with her and I found out about that when I took his phone.

“You can leave your African wife and come to me. I will give you the best sex you have ever had,” she told him in one of the text messages she had sent my husband. After reading their conversation in his phone, I could tell my husband was falling for the trap of the mzungu lady and this really scared me.

I asked him about it and told me that he did not even like her but I could tell he was lying from his body language. I could tell my husband wanted to cheat on me because he was already smitten by love for the Spanish girl.

I knew things had gotten worse when two weeks later, I found that the Spanish woman had sent my husband some nude photos in the middle of the night while he was sleeping. I was so shocked and when I warned her to stay away from my hubby, she said she was not going stop until she had my man all to herself.

I felt desperate after seeing those photos of her nudes in husband phone and all I wanted was to save our marriage from the looming divorce that it was facing. I went online to search how to save my marriage from divorce and among the search results was a testimonial about how a woman had prevented her husband from cheating. The superwoman role: Physical and mental health impacts on Black women

She had said she visited Doctor Mugwenu and managed to save her marriage from breaking. My hope was restored after reading that testimonial and I decided to try him out. I called him via the number that was provided by the lady. Upon calling him, Doctor Mugwenu indeed confirmed to me that he could help my man from giving attention to that mzungu girl.

I met him the next day and he cast a love spell that would draw my husband’s attention to me alone and not any other woman. He further gave me a traditional herb to use in his food. I went him and made dinner and used the herb. The next morning after we woke up, the Spanish woman called my husband and guess what? I heard him tell her to stay away from him since he was married.

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