“Someone help us, I am stuck in my brother’s wife’s nunu”: I taught my elder brother a lesson for having sex with my wife

My name is Jeff and two weeks ago immediately after the coronavirus outbreak, my big brother asked me to take my wife and children to the village so that they could be safe. I thought he had a good idea since my wife was not working anymore.

I took my wife to the village and came back to Nairobi to hustle so that I could my family afloat. However, three days after my wife went to upcountry, my childhood friend called me and told me that my big brother was enjoying my wife’s forbidden fruit. I was confused at first but he asked me to go to the village and investigate it myself.

His call took away my peace and I, therefore, decided to go to the village without informing anyone. I went to my friend’s house who had told me about the affair. He told me he spotted my wife going to my brother’s house in the middle of the night. He asked me to first order a sticking spell from Doctor Mugwenu so that I could teach them a lesson.

He gave me Daktari’s number and I called him and told him of my wife’s infidelity with my big brother and he told me he would help me through a sticking spell which he cast. In the middle of the night, my friend and I went to spy my brother’s house and true to my friend’s reports, I saw my wife sneaking to my older brother’s house.

I was so heartbroken but before I could walk in to confront them, I heard them screaming that they were stuck in each other.

“Someone help us, I am stuck this woman’s forbidden fruit,” my big brother screamed. I walked in and they almost collapsed after they saw me. My wife started begging me to help her get unstuck and also said my brother had seduced her.

Doctor Mugwenu later unstuck them and all the villagers that had gathered to spectate them gave them a thorough beating for disrespecting me.

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How Magic Ring Works

Using a magic ring from Mugwenu Doctors to catch a cheating partner involves rituals and spells believed to reveal infidelity or deceit within a relationship. These practices are often rooted in traditional African spiritual beliefs and are claimed to harness supernatural forces to uncover the truth.

To utilize the magic ring for this purpose, one might seek guidance from a practitioner like Mugwenu Doctors. The practitioner may perform rituals involving the ring, recite incantations, or provide instructions for its use. The ring is believed to possess powers that can unveil hidden secrets, including instances of cheating or betrayal.

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In the scenario described, where a person discovers their brother’s wife engaging in infidelity, the magic ring could potentially be employed to confirm suspicions or reveal the truth about the situation. However, it’s important to approach such practices with caution and skepticism, as reliance solely on supernatural means may not always yield reliable results.

Ultimately, addressing relationship issues, such as infidelity, requires open communication, trust-building, and potentially seeking professional counseling or guidance. Resorting to magic or spiritual practices should be considered as a last resort and supplemented with practical efforts to resolve conflicts and rebuild trust in relationships.

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