“Sioni Akikaa Sana Kwa Hii Dunia” Manzi Wa Kibera Speaks on Her Mubaba current Health Condition -

“Sioni Akikaa Sana Kwa Hii Dunia” Manzi Wa Kibera Speaks on Her Mubaba current Health Condition

In her recent interview, Manzi Wa Kibera, a prominent socialite, opened up about various aspects of her life, delving into her personal history, childhood experiences, and journey through parenthood.

During the interview, Manzi Wa Kibera shared her long-term aspiration of marrying someone from a different cultural background, commonly referred to as a “Mzungu.” She also touched upon her current partner’s health challenges, expressing concern about his deteriorating health condition. She disclosed that he is under immense stress and regularly receives diabetes injections, hinting at his fragile state of health.

She remarked, “To be honest, based on the time I’ve spent with him and the immense pressures he’s facing, I doubt he’ll be with us for much longer. I truly believe that considering the challenges he’s grappling with, particularly his ongoing battle with diabetes and various competitions, his future looks uncertain. This leads me to contemplate the possibility of a different direction, perhaps with someone of a lighter complexion.”

In the course of the conversation, the socialite also shed light on her upbringing, revealing that her family had endured substantial hardships. She recounted how her family often went without food for extended periods, underscoring the financial struggles they faced.

However, her fortunes took a significant turn in 2015 when she made her breakthrough in the entertainment industry. This marked a pivotal moment that rescued her from the challenges of her earlier life.

Overall, Manzi Wa Kibera’s interview showcased her willingness to candidly discuss her personal experiences, shedding light on her dreams, concerns for her partner’s well-being, and the adversity she overcame in her upbringing before attaining success in the entertainment world.