Singer Willy Paul makes fun of Otile Brown’s ‘poor English’

Recently, the controversial singer Willy Paul took a jab at Otile Brown, boasting about the success of his new album, Beyond Gifted. He claimed that his album had garnered 2.2 million streams, while Otile Brown’s album was struggling with only 1 million views three months after its release.

In a display of self-promotion, Pozee shared a screenshot of his stream count on Boomplay. In the caption, he mocked Otile Brown’s album, suggesting that it had failed to meet expectations.

“Three weeks only and the album of the year is already at 2.2 million streams on Boomplay Kenya alone… another one I hear has 1.9 in 3 months, waaah,” Pozee wrote.

In addition to boasting about his album’s success, Pozee took an indirect swipe at Otile Brown’s English skills. He encouraged fans to continue streaming his “well-written English album,” subtly mocking Otile’s alleged poor English.

This isn’t the first time Willy Paul has targeted Otile Brown, prompting netizens to defend the Swahili singer in the comment section. Many criticized Pozee for acting superior and suggested that his behavior made him appear more as a hater than a rival.

Some fans also pointed out that Otile Brown rarely engages in the feud, making Pozee’s provocations seem irrelevant. Despite the ongoing tension between the two artists, fans agree on one thing: if they could set aside their egos and collaborate, the result would undoubtedly be spectacular.