Singer Iyanii Escaped Death Twice When He Was A Thug

In a recent interview with King Kaka, Nairobi-born musician Iyanii (real name Ian Oure) opened up about his past involvement in crime and how he narrowly escaped death on two separate occasions. The singer recounted how he got caught up in criminal activities through his friends in Mathare slums, where he struggled to find a balance between pursuing music and engaging in illegal activities.

According to Iyanii, it was common for young people in Mathare to either become musicians or criminals, and he found himself trying to navigate between the two worlds. One day, he and his friends were on their way to a jam session when one of them snatched a handbag from a passerby. The victim screamed, alerting others in the area and nearby police officers.

As gunshots rang out, Iyanii managed to escape and enter a Dandora matatu, but not before realizing that his jacket was stained with blood from a bullet that had grazed his hand. He quickly removed the jacket and hid it before a police officer stopped the vehicle to search for the criminals.

Despite narrowly escaping with his life, Iyanii returned to his criminal friends. However, he later declined an invitation to join them on a Sunday outing, which ultimately saved his life as they were killed while committing another robbery.

Reflecting on his experiences, Iyanii said that his scar from the bullet wound was a testimony to God giving him a second chance at life. He also acknowledged the importance of choosing one’s company wisely, as advised by a passenger in the matatu who defended him to the police officer.

Overall, Iyanii’s story is a powerful reminder of the dangers of getting caught up in crime and the importance of making positive choices to avoid potentially life-threatening situations.