“Simuwachi, huyu ni wangu”: Man watches as 3 rich women fight for him after catchinghim in bed with side dish

Have you ever wondered what unfolds when women discover they are unknowingly sharing a man or they find? Let us dive into the recent chaos that happened in Loresho after three women became victims of powerful love charms.

Loresho – There was drama in Loresho, Nairobi, after three women were embroiled in a deadly fight over a man they all desired as a husband. 

By now, you may have seen the viral video circulating online, capturing the chaotic scene as the man sat on the bed, casually eating what appeared to be noodles, while the three women engaged in a physical altercation.

For years, James Munga had grappled with finding genuine love, despite his relative affluence. His attempts to secure a life partner were consistently thwarted as women seemed more interested in his material possessions, overlooking the potential for authentic connections. 

However, a turning point occurred about a year ago when James became a ladies’ man, attracting beautiful women genuinely interested in building meaningful connections and sharing a life with him.

Nevertheless, James, feeling the need for retribution, found himself entangled with multiple women to satiate his desires. Munga was now spending quality time with at least five women. 

An Ethiopian lady, who owned a business in Nairobi, caught his attention, leading to an unexpected rendezvous at his house.

Love’s Chaotic Battle: The Unveiling Drama in Loresho

Unbeknownst to James, he had given spare keys to his house to three of the women as a gesture of trust and affection. 

In a twist of fate, the three women coincidentally converged at James’s house, expressing concern for his well-being, unaware of his involvement with the Ethiopian woman. 

The chaotic scene erupted as they discovered James in the company of Tibebu.

Chaos ensued, with the women accusing each other of stealing the affection of their shared man. 

One woman passionately claimed: “Huyu ni wangu, simuachi, unajua penye tumetoana kweli? In fact, we are even planning for a wedding.” 

Amidst the turmoil, one of the women recorded the clash on her phone, capturing the intense confrontation as James sat shirtless, observing the tumult.

After about an hour, the commotion subsided, and the three disappointed women left James’s house, leaving him with Tibebu. Feeling scorned, the woman who recorded the incident released the video online, leading to its viral spread.

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