“Si Umebeba Msolokombo aki!” Kenyan Women Go Wild As Timmy Tdat Shows Off His Standing ‘MJULUS’

Timmy Tdat, a celebrated artist, has garnered widespread recognition for his captivating music and dynamic stage presence. However, there has been a noticeable shift in his popularity, with the spotlight now shifting away from his musical prowess and toward a more explicit dimension, particularly following his open display of his physique.

Since Timmy Tdat burst onto the Kenyan music scene, his infectious hit songs and catchy hooks have captivated audiences, blending rap and gengetone genres with irresistible beats. Notable tracks such as “Welle Welle,” “Vitamin U,” “Trikide,” and “Kasayole” have firmly established him as a formidable presence in the Kenyan music industry.

Recently, Timmy Tdat shared a video to promote his latest song, “Naskia Poa.” However, the decision to include a scene featuring an erect “mjulubeng,” a slang term for a well-endowed male organ, has left fans puzzled and curious about his intentions.

Timmy Tdat’s unyielding confidence and his embrace of his physical attributes have made a lasting impact, especially on his devoted female fans. Many admirers have taken to his social media pages to express their appreciation for his physique, often leaving complimentary comments and messages.