“Si Kupenda Kwetu” Samidoh’s Brother Amos Reveals Why Their Family Is Pro-Polygamy -

“Si Kupenda Kwetu” Samidoh’s Brother Amos Reveals Why Their Family Is Pro-Polygamy

Amos Junior, the younger sibling of the famous Mugiithi singer Samidoh, recently revealed some intriguing information about their family’s acceptance of polygamous marriages.

In a video posted on Facebook, Amos shed light on their family’s unique marital customs and shared that their grandfather advocated for polygamy within their lineage.

Amos narrated how their grandfather, who had experienced difficulties in his relationship with his sole wife, imparted a valuable lesson to the family, advising the men to avoid marrying only one wife.

Amos melodiously sang his grandfather’s words in the video, stating, “You should not limit yourself to one wife because of the challenges my grandmother brought upon him as his only spouse.”

According to Amos, the practice of polygamy in their family was not a personal choice but rather a cultural legacy passed down to them.

He emphasized in the video, “It is not a decision we made willingly,” indicating that their commitment to polygamy originated from their grandfather’s teachings.

During Amos’ graduation ceremony, Samidoh proudly introduced his younger brother on social media, sharing pictures of them together.

Expressing his excitement, Samidoh warmly congratulated Amos on his academic achievement and playfully teased him about his tendency to procrastinate.

The shared pictures on social media also portrayed the close bond between Samidoh and his baby mama and partner, Senator Karen Nyamu. Samidoh, accompanied by some family members and Ms. Nyamu, attended Amos’ graduation celebration.

In addition to congratulating Amos, the senator spoke about her strong relationship with Samidoh, which extended beyond their shared parental responsibilities.

While Samidoh’s legal wife, Edday Nderitu, and their three children currently reside in the US, Ms. Nyamu continues to provide companionship to Samidoh.

Amos Junior’s revelation about their family’s acceptance of polygamy provides insight into their cultural traditions and the significant influence of their grandfather’s teachings.

Now, Edday Nderitu faces a challenging decision: whether to accept sharing Samidoh with Karen Nyamu or to leave the relationship once and for all.