SHOCKING DETAILS ; AGE , Akorino Boy Who Went Viral -

SHOCKING DETAILS ; AGE , Akorino Boy Who Went Viral

“I met this young boy in Kinungi and he requested me to buy him unga and soda,” Gospel musician Anita Alex has revealed.

“I got interested to know this boy and why he was begging. When I got to their home, I cried. I met their mother who has 11 children and 5 grandchildren. Ukiongeza baba na mama, wako 18. Baba anakunywa sana sasa hawawezi kumtegemea. They are very poor. Hawakuwa wamekunywa hata breakfast. I bought the mother some shopping and bought the boy new clothes.

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“Mama ya huyo kijana aliniambia huwa analipwa KSh 250 akifunga sukuma pale Kinungi. I reached out to Karangu wa Muraya and Muthee Kiengei and agreed to build them a house in their plot and help them. Anyone who is willing to join us in helping this family, kindly reach out to me. They need food and clothes. The young boy, Maina, has a heart condition. He needs urgent medical attention. We will see how we can help,” Anita