SHOCK as a family discovers their daughter, who is based in the US, has been sending her entire salary to a Kenyan Pastor

A pastor, who is based in Kiambu County, has been put on the spotlight after a family discovered that their daughter has been sending her entire salary to him.

When the lady was working in Kenya with a net salary of Ksh 80,000, she would send every coin to the pastor via Mpesa.

Despite having a decent salary, she lived in Kibera slums and at times, she would sleep hungry, leaving her family wondering where she used to take her money.

Her family flew her to the US after securing her a job and even when she got there, she is still sending her entire salary of over  Ksh 200,000 to the said pastor.

Former Standard Media Group journalist, Wahome Thuku, raised the issue on his facebook page, and wondered whether the said pastor, who is identified as Ashford Kariuki Mugambi of Word Empowerment Assemble Centre in Kiambu, is running a cult.

This is what he posted.