“She’s Chewable!” Peter Salasya Shamelessly Thirsts At Married NTV Presenter Smriti Vidyarthi

“I wish to wed this news anchor; she possesses both beauty and maturity fit for marriage!” expressed Peter Salasya.

Following NTV news anchor Smriti Vidyarthi’s criticism of Mumias East MP Peter Salasya for assaulting an MCA at a funeral, she found herself amidst controversy. The incident, captured on camera, incited public outrage, prompting Vidyarthi to voice her disapproval.

In response, Salasya took to Instagram, sharing the video and making an unusual proposal to Vidyarthi. Despite her current marital status with Aman Mohindra, Salasya boldly proclaimed his admiration, stating, “I want to marry this news anchor. She is beautiful and mature enough for marriage. She is captivating… huyu ako sawa kabisa mtu anipe number yake.”

The public swiftly reacted, advising the parliamentarian to refrain from social media until his legal issues were resolved. Vidyarthi, a seasoned news anchor known for her professionalism, maintained her composure amid the unexpected attention.

Netizens promptly reminded Salasya of Vidyarthi’s marital status, urging him to respect her boundaries and reconsider his public approach. The Mumias East MP’s Instagram post added fuel to the controversy, as he expressed his willingness to be married by the NTV presenter following the social media discussions. His post received mixed reactions from netizens, with many questioning the appropriateness of his proposal given the circumstances surrounding the assault incident.