Security Guard whose wife dumped him after He paid university fees, poisons himself to death

Evans Kosgei, the individual implicated in the alleged murder of his wife, Jackline Kimaiyo, in Nyeri, has been discovered deceased in Kiambu County….CONTINUE READING

Kosgei went missing on Thursday, March 10, shortly after the untimely death of his wife, who was a teacher in Mathira East.

According to reports from KTN News, Kosgei’s lifeless body was found in Thika, with suspicions pointing towards the possibility that he took his own life through poisoning.

Before the unfolding of these tragic events, Kosgei had turned to social media to express grievances against his late wife, accusing her of infidelity and conveying a sense of betrayal. He asserted that despite his efforts to support her education, including selling possessions to fund her school fees at Murang’a University, Jackline had intentions of leaving him.

In a series of poignant tweets, Kosgei alluded to his mental distress, articulating a profound sense of hopelessness and a wish to join his departed wife in death, as life had seemingly lost its meaning for him.