Sandra Dacha Tells Akuku Danger To Smash Her In Any Position He Pleases As His Birthday Present

In a surprising turn of events, popular actress Sandra Dacha left her fans astounded as she expressed her willingness to go to great lengths to make her partner Akuku feel special on his birthday.

Taking to social media, the voluptuous actress sent Akuku a heartfelt birthday message, hinting at intimate surprises awaiting him in the bedroom.

“Happy birthday to this special person in my life! Today, I’ll give you a gift that money can’t buy,” Sandra Dacha wrote.

The relationship between Akuku Danger and Sandra Dacha has been ongoing for a considerable period of time.

However, their love story encountered a major obstacle in November 2022 when Dacha accused Akuku of infidelity.

Expressing her frustration, Dacha hinted at her possible exhaustion with Akuku due to alleged acts of cheating.

On social media, the comedienne shared a video clip of Akuku dancing intimately with another attractive woman, accusing him of being unfaithful.

“First, it was your wife, and I understood and accepted that role. But now this! 😭😭 Honestly, Kuks, I’m tired. Enough is enough! What more can men do? This is too much for me. To whoever sent me this video, thank you for revealing the true nature of the man I have been involved with,” Dacha expressed her bitterness.

Despite the recent turmoil, Sandra Dacha’s surprise birthday gesture suggests that there may still be hope for their relationship. Fans eagerly await further updates on this captivating love story.