Sammidoh reacts to story on impregnating Karen Nyamu and his wife simultaneously -

Sammidoh reacts to story on impregnating Karen Nyamu and his wife simultaneously

Mugithi star Samidoh is certainly not a happy man after a local blog run a story of him impregnating two ladies at the same time.

In the story, Samidoh was featured as having accomplished something phenomenal extraordinary if you may.

This is on the grounds that his wife Edday (Edith) Nderitu was pregnant same time as his second bae Karen Nyamu.

Samidoh asked why the emphasis was on his relationship and not music.

At the point when Karen Nyamu was expecting her second baby with Samidoh, his better half Edday was also pregnant.

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The artist currently wants people to zero in on his music since he has realeased another hit named ‘Kanairo.’

In the tune, he says he generally wanted to come to Nairobi as people who had been to the city were respected by his village people.

He talks how individuals get robbed while people look while others have idealized the craft of duping people.

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Karen and Samidoh began dating in 2019.

Talking about it in a past meeting with Jalang’o Nyamu shared

“I don’t think I confused Samidoh. We met at a political event that he was performing at, and we became friends.

I didn’t realize Samidoh was hitched on the grounds that he was not in any event, wearing a ring.

I came to be aware after being his friend for around four months I am not a homewrecker. These things happen;

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The main thing I have a problem with is people thinking I am a homewrecker – that I was doing things to compete with the wife and all that,” the city politician told Jalang’o

Then, Nyamu said the musician was apprehensive about opening up to the world about the news, something she said irritated her, particularly concerning her child’s identity, prompting fights that she said necessitated her action to air photos and videos of him.