Samidoh narrates how being heartbroken by Wife made him become alcoholic

Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki Popularly known as Samidoh has confessed that he became an alcohol addict after being heartbroken.

Samidoh opened up about his alcohol addiction while speaking in an undated video that is trending on social media.

The controversial singer said that he resorted to heavy drinking to deal with stress after he was heartbroken.

He confessed that the first time he drank ‘bitter’ alcohol was when he was heartbroken.

“Sijawai ona a man who is really hurt in love. So ulikua unafanya nini?” The interviewer asked Samidoh.

“I used to overdrink. The first time nilikunywanga pombe kali was that period,” Samidoh said.

Samidoh further said that he lost sleep as a result of stress and opted to drink heavily in a bid to forget his pain and to dose off.

“Yes, nilijipata tu. Inafikanga mahali hulali, usingizi hakuna so you have to find something that will make you sleep and forget lakini huwa hausahau the more you are taking that alcohol the more you remember the more you get emotional,” Samidoh said.

He further went on to state that he chose to forgive Edday so that they could build a home together.

When he was asked by the interviewer how he managed to forgive her, Samidoh said that it was by the grace of God.

During the interview, Samidoh also revealed that he doesn’t have an ex because he married his first love Edday

In an earlier interview, Samidoh said he was heartbroken by his first wife Edday Nderitu after she cheated on him

“So ulifikanga kuwa alcoholic?” The interviewer asked.