Samidoh Confesses He Is Lonely, Wants Karen Nyamu Back (Video)

Samidoh Confesses He Is Lonely, Wants Karen Nyamu Back (Video)

Samidoh is a man that has confidence in polygamy and if not for his hardheaded lover, Karen Nyamu; at this point he would be a legal husband to both her and first wife, Edday.

However, judging from how unpredictable Ms Nyamu is – Samidoh isn’t ready to wife a troublesome woman who will end up outing him on social media every time they fall out.

I realize it sounds mean -but consider it this way.

There’s no question that Samidoh loves Karen Nyamu but again, she is the sort of lady who can adore him back and yet doesn’t necessarliry need him in her life or that of his children.

The post however exacerbated the situation among him and Karen Nyamu who was pregnant with their second child at that point – hence the breakup.

And just a few weeks after his stunt, Samidoh is back to pleading with Njeri to come back home since he misses her.

Samidoh talks wanting Njeri back while chiming in to Mugithii artist Salim Junior’s melody named Papa.

From the video, Samidoh can be heard begging his darling to return home.

It’s conspicuous this melody wasn’t dedicated to his better half Edday but Karen Nyamu whose center name is Njeri – same name given to their daughter.