Samidoh Asks Embarambamba To Leave His Stage -Saying he Might climb him (VIDEO)

Assuming you regularly visit social media pages you probably have come across one Samidoh Muchoki at some point. He is an influencer and a Kikuyu Benga artist who is solidly established to be diverted by neysayers. He is among Kenyan big names who have moved from grass to grace through hardwork and determination in the shortest time.

Some hours ago, he posted a video on his Facebook official page talking about the kisii musician Embarambamba who ussually has the best energy when it comes to his performance which leaves many talking. According to Samidoh he posted the video where he added a caption saying one day Embarambamba might fly.

In the video Samidoh is performing while his kindred performer Embarambamba is dancing to a point Samidoh couldn’t deal with any longer.

Out of nowhere Samidoh quit performing while laughing where he asked Embarambamba to leave the stage saying he might climb him due to the way he was dancing. This left Kenyans talking and laughing after he said Embarambamba might climb him saying his funny words never disappoint.