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Sabina Chege:“I was once a house girl in Kayole Nairobi”

Murang’a County Woman Representative, Sabina Chege has revealed that she was once a house girl in Kayole Nairobi.

Sabina in an interview with Kameme FM divulged that after completing her high school studies at Mugoiri Girls, she traveled to Nairobi in search of a job.

She said that after getting to Nairobi, she got a job as a domestic worker in Kayole and seeing that the home had a TV, she grew an interest in becoming an actor since she was also a drama club member in high school.

Sabina went on to add that she went for auditions at KBC where she luckily got a role in the then popular show, Tausi.

After she got on TV, she thereafter got a letter of Admission at the University of Nairobi and then later went for an interview with Kameme FM which was the newest radio then.

Her trust in God and dedication saw her get the radio job where she would host a late night show ‘Therera’- literally translated to ‘Flow’.

Notably, Sabina has been pivotal in shaping the careers of various media personalities among them being; Evangelist Lucy Wa Ngunjiri, Muthoni Wa Kirumba, Kihenjo, Muthee Kiengei among others.

She is currently supporting Azimio La Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga on his bid to rule the country ahead of the August polls.