Rwathia village in Murang'a that has produced Exceptionally Accomplished seven Kenyan billionaires

Rwathia village in Murang’a that has produced billionaires Who Own Nairobi

A handful of small towns and villages have gained recognition for producing world class leaders and influential people who have ultimately impacted the country in one way or another.

Unbeknown to many, the likes of Rwathia village prides itself for producing top notch businessmen, whose combined net worth amounts to billions.

What is it about Rwathia and its self made billionaires? Everybody wants to have money someday,dream big if you may,but you and I were never born in Rwathia,something special happens there we all tend to think so.we the outsiders of this small Moneyed village in Murang’a county can only wish but live to fight another day and wish,someday your name if not your village will rank somewhere,someday. takes a look at this famous but small Rwathia village.

A little known village situated in Kangema, Murang’a County, is regarded as one of the richest towns for producing a great number of self-made billionaires.The who and who’s of Kenya.

The famed businessmen include Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi, former Equity Bank Chairman Peter Munga, investment banker Jimnah Mbaru, and immediate former Britam CEO Benson Wairegi.

Others include Gerald Gikonyo, Gerishon Kirima and the late business mogul Chris Kirubi. The businessmen succeeded in taking their business beyond Rwathia into other countries within Africa- hence creating a fortune in the process. 

Some have made the controvesial Muranga county have a mark in the global map,the likes of Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi, former Equity Bank Chairman Peter Munga and the late kirubi have gone global investing as far as France and Germany.Not only making muranga rank but kenya as a whole.