Ruto announces NEW plan to end youth unemployment -

Ruto announces NEW plan to end youth unemployment

President William Ruto has unveiled an extensive strategy devised by the government to tackle the prevalent issue of youth unemployment in the country. In a speech delivered at the centenary anniversary celebration of Limuru Girls High School, Ruto highlighted several pivotal areas of concentration that aim to generate employment opportunities for millions of young individuals.

One of the key focal points emphasized by Ruto is the digital sector, with a particular focus on digital jobs. The government plans to establish ICT hubs across the nation, acting as centers for technological innovation, training, and employment prospects in the digital field. This initiative seeks to equip the youth with the necessary skills and resources to thrive in the digital era.

In addition to digital jobs, Ruto stressed the significance of agricultural aggregation and industrial growth as means to address unemployment. By implementing comprehensive strategies in these sectors, the government aims to create job opportunities that cater to the diverse skills and interests of young people. This multifaceted approach recognizes the importance of empowering youth to contribute to the nation’s economic growth.

The housing program was also highlighted by President Ruto as a significant contributor to employment generation. He announced that the program is projected to create at least one million jobs for the youth of the Republic of Kenya. This ambitious initiative not only addresses the housing needs of the population but also provides a substantial boost to the labor market.

President Ruto emphasized the necessity of a deliberate and strategic approach to effectively tackle the issue of unemployment. He expressed his confidence in the current government’s plan, stating that it is specifically designed to comprehensively address this challenge. Recognizing the urgency of the