Robert Owiti: My Family Celebrated When I Scored D Plain In KCSE, They Expected ‘E’ From Me

He underwent the repetition of classes four times, encountering this setback twice during his primary school years and again during secondary school. This academic struggle was rooted in his learning difficulties, which led his family to anticipate that his best outcome in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams would be a mean grade of E.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Robert Owiti recounted how a teacher once predicted a bleak future for him. Despite these discouragements, Owiti displayed exceptional prowess in co-curricular activities. His life took a turn when he won the green card lottery, prompting his relocation to the United States.

In his account to a US publication, the 31-year-old shared the challenges he faced due to academic disadvantages. A teacher had even forewarned his grandmother that he would likely end up as a beggar. Undeterred, his grandmother defended his potential, asserting that even if he did become a beggar, he would only seek help from his own community.

Robert’s academic journey took a challenging turn after performing poorly in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in 2007, leading to a repetition of the class. He later enrolled at Otieno Oyoo Secondary School in Kisumu County.

Despite academic struggles, Owiti found solace and success in music and drama, earning popularity among his peers. Some teachers recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue his passion. His mother and aunts, especially Dr. Beatrice Owiti, played a significant role in supporting him. Dr. Owiti, a former high school teacher turned academic, stood up for him when some teachers suggested registering him in another school for the KCSE exams to prevent affecting the school’s average. Thanks to her intervention, Robert was able to take the exams at his school.

Dr. Beatrice Owiti later facilitated Robert’s relocation to the United States by successfully applying for his Green Card in September 2019. After overcoming personal challenges, including quitting alcohol, Robert Owiti established a fitness company in the US called Kabuda Power Fitness. Supported by his church, Hosana Gospel Centre, which provided space for his operations, he expressed optimism about the growth of his business in the future.