Risper Faith, “If My Husband is Cheating I Won’t Leave, Siku Hizi Hakuna Kuachana, Nitavumilia Tu.”

Kenyan socialite Risper Faith recently revealed in an interview with Oga Obinna that she would not leave her husband even if he cheated on her.

During the interview, Risper stated that if her husband were to cheat, she would only be concerned with whether he enjoyed the experience and if she needed to improve her own bedroom skills to ensure his satisfaction.

She emphasized that in today’s society, people no longer separate over infidelity. To her, cheating is a common occurrence that can happen to anyone.

“If my husband cheats, I won’t leave. Siku hizi hakuna kuachana, nitavumilia tu. These days we do not leave each other. Where do you go after leaving? I am not going back to Webuye. I am staying in Kitusuru till the end, in the mansion. So even if he cheats, I will just continue staying,” Risper stated.

Risper Faith and her husband, Brian Muiruri, were married in February 2018.

In a previous interview with Mwende Macharia on Radio Maisha, Risper shared that she met Brian via Instagram when he sent her a direct message asking her out.

She recounted that Brian was in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, at the time and proposed a coffee date as he planned to return to Kenya in two weeks. Risper mentioned that it was love at first sight when she met Brian and that she prayed to God to make him her husband.