Richest Company in Kenya & How it Makes At least Shs 20 Million Per Hour profits

Kenya is home to many private and public companies that provide income to its citizens, thereby boosting the country’s economy.

The revenue generated by these companies varies based on their investments and resources, leading to some companies being more profitable than others. This article will explore the richest company in Kenya and its earnings on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

The Richest Company in Kenya

Safaricom, a telecommunications giant, is the richest company in Kenya, followed by East African Breweries, the United Nations, KCB, and KRA. According to statistics, Safaricom leads due to its extensive revenue generation across the country.

Launched in Kenya in 1997, Safaricom has employed at least 4,500 workers in various sectors.

Ownership of Safaricom

As reported by Tuko News, Safaricom’s shareholders include the Kenyan government (35%) and South Africa’s Vodacom, which also holds a 35% share.

Safaricom’s Annual Earnings

According to the Safaricom website, for the fiscal year ending in May 2023, the company generated approximately Ksh. 250 billion. This translates to about Ksh. 8,037 per second, as customers use services like M-Pesa and airtime purchases.

Daily Earnings of Safaricom

With earnings of roughly Ksh. 8,037 per second, Safaricom makes around Ksh. 28.9 million per hour, amounting to approximately Ksh. 694.4 million each day.

Safaricom CEO’s Salary

As the CEO of the richest company in Kenya, Peter Ndegwa earns Ksh. 88.89 million annually, which breaks down to about Ksh. 7.4 million per month.