Remembering Tahidi High’s Miss Morgan: Where is she today? -

Remembering Tahidi High’s Miss Morgan: Where is she today?

Angel Waruinge, also known as Miss Morgan, is a gifted actress from Kenya, renowned for her role as the strict deputy principal in the high school play Tahidi High. Despite her tough persona on screen, Angel is known to be a calm and laid-back person in real life. Recently, photos of her at a bar went viral, causing concern among her supporters that she may have fallen into alcoholism, like other actors in the industry.

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Angel fell in love with the world of theatre in her high school days and has performed in over 40 plays. She also has a six-figure salary at the young age of 18. She is a close friend of Kenyan comedian Daniel Churchill Ndambuki and was introduced to the broader art world by him.

Angel is currently single, with one daughter. She had planned to marry her daughter’s father but it did not work out as he was not the right man. She also revealed that she battled depression and alcoholism during her worst days, and turned to alcohol for comfort. She is currently enrolled in a two-year psychology degree, which she says allows her to use her prior experiences to teach future generations.

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The government is concerned about the rising number of mental health-related cases in the country, and Angel is currently developing a new TV show that aims to create a platform for Kenyans to openly talk about mental health challenges. She also leverages her profile and vast network to raise awareness about mental health.