Reactions Has Stivo Simple Boy Rewards a Fan Sh.100 on TikTok -

Reactions Has Stivo Simple Boy Rewards a Fan Sh.100 on TikTok

Stivo Simple Boy, a prominent gospel artist known for his music, recently stirred up mixed reactions among online users when he shared a TikTok video showcasing his celebrity status. In the video, Stivo is seen exiting a crowded vehicle while a young fan eagerly awaits his arrival. After exchanging pleasantries and a brief conversation, Stivo Simple Boy poses a challenge to the young admirer, asking him to name one of his songs.

“Unapenda ngoma yangu gani (Which one of my songs do you know)?” he inquires. Without hesitation, the young boy responds with enthusiasm, “Freshi Barida.”

Stivo then expresses his intention to treat the young fan to lunch later, inquiring if the child will be around. The child eagerly agrees to wait for their return. During their conversation, the artist appears delighted and compliments the child. In a heartwarming moment captured on camera, Stivo holds his phone in one hand and hands the child a 100-shilling note.

“Mimi na Khaligraph Jones ndio marapa wakubwa hii Kenya (Khaligraph Jones and I are the top rappers in Kenya),” Stivo Simple Boy captioned the video.

The video sparked a divided response among netizens. Some viewers deemed the monetary gesture as too small, bordering on rudeness, while others encouraged Stivo not to overexert himself in an attempt to fit in. A selection of comments from the post includes:

Erick Morgan: Stivo, are you serious? 😄 Handing out just a hundred shillings?

Tamaji: At least he gave him something; it might help. 😅😅

Jolly 254: What can you buy with 100 shillings in this economy, Stivo?

yg: Chill, bro, you’re going to set things on fire. 😂😂😂

Olechoge: Simple Boy helping people on the ground.

In summary, Stivo Simple Boy’s TikTok video of his encounter with a young fan triggered a spectrum of reactions, highlighting the diverse opinions on his gesture of giving 100 shillings to the child.